Name: Motofumi "Poggy" Kogi

Occupation: Creative Director of UNITED ARROWS & SONS

Location: Paris, France

Brands: UNITED ARROWS & SONS x adidas Originals

On style advice...

"There's a difference between fashion and style. Fashion can be bought if you have enough money. Style is something you develop for yourself."

On sneakers...

"I don't consider myself a sneakerhead. I do enjoy wearing different sneakers for different occasions though."

On wearing streetwear as he becomes older...

"I spent some time with Larry Clark (Director of Kids), and he's 75 years old. He was wearing a Supreme T-shirt and walking with a cane. When I saw that, I felt like my generation would probably continue wearing streetwear as they become older."

On his morning routine...

"I can't really think of a morning routine that I keep every day. My wife always tells me to close the lid of the toilet, so I always keep this in mind.

Also, Japanese people don't make as much eye contact, so when I talk to non-Japanese people, it made me uncomfortable at first. There was a period where I practiced staring into the mirror."

On detoxing from technology...

"I find myself checking my phone when I'm with my kids. I know I will regret going this when they grow up, when we spend less time together, so I try not to."

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