rihanna birthday horoscope meme
Getty Images / Mark Ganzon

Throw your horoscope in the trash, guys, there’s another way to gauge your vibe this month and it’s all based around the various moods contained within Rihanna‘s wardrobe.

It all started with Twitter user Shari aka @ChipNudePolish asking her followers to take part in a simple challenge: “Google Rihanna and your birthday to see which outfit you get.” She accompanied her post with a picture of Rhi wearing a fringed lilac gown at the 2016 BRIT Awards, and soon people began sharing their own.

Naturally, this has zero to do with whichever moon is ascending or your actual star sign in fact, but thanks to the myriad of fire looks Rhi champions on a daily basis, that doesn’t actually matter: Everyone seems honored with the sartorial situation the singer served on their birthday. Browse some of the best looks below.

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