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Sony has announced it will be releasing limited edition PlayStation 4 consoles in gold and silver colorways at the end of this month.

The system —which also comes in the PS4’s “Slim” redesign —  is coming to Europe in both colorways, while gamers in North America will have to make do with gold only. The company is also releasing a set of DualShock 4 controllers to match the bling-bling finishes.

If you’re in the States and bummed out about not being able to cop the silver console, there is a silver (pun intended) lining: both of Europe’s new PlayStations will come with 500GB hard drives, while the U.S. version packs a mighty 1TB.

The silver PS4 drops in Europe on June 28. The gold edition will be available stateside for $249, arriving June 9 through June 17.

In other gaming news, the first trailer for FIFA 18 has arrived.