Cop It, Then Rock It

Stolen Girlfriends Club and Grateful Dead have teamed up for a fun, graphic-laden collection that includes pieces ranging from hoodies and T-shirts to caps and socks.

Founded in 2005 by three friends and based in New Zealand, Stolen Girlfriends Club communicates its youthful rebellious spirit through it’s eclectic range of clothing, accessories, eyewear, and jewellery.

Stolen Girlfriends Club is inspired by punk romanticism, party crashers and post-apocalyptic surfers, hints of which can be seen in the collaborative effort with Grateful Dead.

Some of our favorites include the moon beach T-shirt and the skeleton strip hoodie. If you enjoy serious topics of conversation mixed with a healthy sense of humor, this collaboration is for you.

Scroll through the collection below and check out any of the links if you want to cop.

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  • Main & Featured Image: Stolen Girlfriends Club
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