Brand: Stray Rats x New Balance

Model: 991

Release Date: TBC

Price: 2021

Buy: TBC

Editor's Notes: It's pretty rare for a collaborative pairing to really hit the nail on the head every time, but there are a few exceptions. One such exception is New Balance and Stray Rats, a true wine and cheese pairing. New Balance has had many creative partners over the years, and 2021 has been particularly stacked for the heritage-running brand. So far these years NB has collaborated with WTAPS, Extra Butter, Paperboy, The Basement, Run The Boroughs, and that's barely scratching the surface.

Stray Rats has remained a frequent collaborator over the years, providing some of the most coveted colorways within New Balance's extensive release archive. Most notably, the pair teamed up on the 990v3 for a slick black and green update, while less familiar options such as the 827 and 574 have also found themselves in the spotlight.

Regardless of the model, these two sure know how to create something special. From the latest tease, it looks like it'll sticking to what it knows best – the 990x series, namely, the 991.

It looks like this collaboration will be a two-piece, one mixing hits of purple, green, and white, while the alternative options have a black, white, and pink finish. Each uses classic fabrications like leather and suede to make copping a pair of these a new brainer.

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