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Unless you’re a major movie nerd, it’s unlikely you’ve spent much time considering the different ways in which character traits and narrative foreshadowing can be signified in film — like the use of striped sweaters, for example.

That’s where the folks over at Now You See It come in. The film analysis YouTube channel has dedicated almost 10 minutes into explaining why the use of stripes in movies is, actually, pretty important.

As the video up top explains, in film, stripes are usually employed as a caution sign; a way to draw the viewer’s attention to the character, acting as a signifier for danger. Think of the Wicked Witch squashed under the house with just her striped tights showing in Wizard of Oz.

Looking at how stripes have been used in clothing historically, the video explains that often they were associated with deviants and that the width and color of the stripe in question helps to differentiate which kind of deviant we’re dealing with.

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(Warning: for those who haven’t seen Get Out yet, spoilers ahead.)

Take the striped sweater Allison Williams’ Rose Armitage wears in Get Out, for example. Had you known about the above theory before watching Jordan Peele‘s amazing directorial debut, you might have guessed that the fact she’s wearing bright red and white stripe means that she’s essentially walking around covered in warning tape. She’s a literal danger sign.

Watch the video up top and then let us know in the comments which striped movie-moment comes to your mind first.

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