Brand: Thom Browne

Season: Fall 2021

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Editor's Notes: Of all the holiday traditions, Thom Browne's annual post-Thanksgiving football match is the only one I wish I could indulge in. That's for Lil Uzi to enjoy, though, not me.

However, we can all tuck into Browne's heaping helping of football-inspired apparel, which brings back some of last year's classic sweats and scarves alongside new mesh practice jerseys, overcoats, and handwarmers, all laden with Browne's signature four-bar branding. Delicious!

You'll probably wanna leave these in the closet during your family's post-dinner scrimmage but there's no finer apparel for sitting in the stands or on the couch come turkey day.

"The football capsule is an important tradition that allows us to bring together the Thom Browne family around the world," Browne told us.

"A time to remember tradition and celebrate the work we’ve done together. A friendly game of navy and grey. The spirit of past games brought to life through imagery shot on medium format and Super 8 film in New York. Waiting to be together again... soon."

If I was forced to select a standout dish from Browne's cornucopia of cool, I'd gladly make room for the incredible pebbled leather football bags that debuted as part of Browne's Thanksgiving 2020 lineup.

Over the years, Browne's thematic carryalls have taken the form of sharks and winged dogs but these pigskin-inspired bags are not only instantly recognizable but convertible.

Even with these standout satchels in mind, though, Browne took aims to create a cohesive lineup that wasn't merely a selection of standalone sportswear.

"This season it was important to incorporate new pieces that complement the classic foundation of the game’s attire," Browne continued. "All in nylon, all with 4-bar. A down muff, a down parka. a mesh practice jersey... worn over tailoring or however you wish."

Freedom to dress how you please! Not a bad thing to be thankful for.

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