Thrasher magazine's apparel line is something of a sensation akin to Supreme - originally a dominant force in the skateboarding world, it managed to branch out into mainstream streetwear culture, taking it by storm. While plenty of labels and brands have a tendency to sell out during times of increased media attention, Thrasher's editor-in-chief Jake Phelps took a photo of Justin Bieber wearing one of its hoodies as an opportunity to display the brand's integrity - albeit a little passionately.

“We don’t send boxes to Justin Bieber or Rihanna or those fing clowns. The pavement is where the real shit is. Blood and scabs, does it get realer than that?” said Phelps, in an article from HYPEBEAST.

Claiming the pop sensations aren't "real" enough is a pretty polarizing statement, and only time will tell if it'll result in Bieber and Rihanna discontinuing their relationship with the brand's clothes completely.

What's your opinion? Do you have an issue with celebrities like Bieber and Rihanna wearing items from brands like Thrasher? Let us know in the comments.

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