Like it or not, Vetements keeps fans on their toes. Between stunts like the Vetements Burger 2.0 and its enormous seasonal collections, the Swiss-based brand has shifted from anti-establishment runway shows to high-profile bon mots with an all-hands kitchen sink appeal. An organization called "Gvasalia Family Foundation," named for CEO Guram Gvasalia, is behind the new endeavor, though details are scarce.

What we do know about the new imprint is that it's (currently) called "Vetements Secret Project" and will be "a multi-dimensional platform for young talent" aimed at interrupting conventional "conglomerate structures." Whether that's a shot at the likes of LVMH, Kering, and Richemont is anyone's guess — Vetements does at one point call out the "devils of the industry," though.

It also appears as though Vetements — or rather, the Gvasalia Family Foundation — will be putting out an open call to emerging creatives of all ages, apparently inviting them to create brands under the Gvasalia Family Foundation's purview. There will be mentoring opportunities, including financial aid and schooling in the realms of distribution, production, and technical development. It's likely that this incubation program will lead to some trickle-up into Vetements' own output, or at least into the realm of its new brand.

This announcement coincides with the announcement that CEO Gvasalia made back in 2019 about working to help foster new young talent, which the brand has remained mum about since.

Oh, about that new brand: in a statement, "the creators of Vetements" made clear that they will reveal a fresh fashion label later this summer. Stylistically, it will draw from classic menswear and tailoring while eschewing typical gender roles, but that's all they divulged, not even confirming that this new brand will be directly aligned with the incubation project. Wonder if this is related to the filings that Vetements made throughout 2020?

Those design cues mesh well with Vetements' recent output, which has leaned gender-fluid. Baggy suits, giant shirts, and oversized hoodies have also been part of Vetements' oeuvre since Guram's brother, Demna, was still at the brand.

Follow Vetements Secret Project's Instagram page to keep up with the enigmatic new project when it debuts "XXX," its first collection, on July 22.

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