South Korea is one of the most thriving fashion markets in the world right now. The nation's youth is obsessed with fashion, and consumes clothing and trends at an insanely fast rate (Koreans are also producing a shit-ton of dope brands themselves).

It's hardly surprising, then, that South Korea is really into Vetements. When the most hyped brand in the world announced that it would be linking with Matches Fashion to drop an exclusive "Garage Sale" collection in Seoul, legions of young fashion fans lined up to get their hands on the brand's gear. Seemingly undeterred by Vetements' excruciating price point, Seoul's youth was out in full force to splash its cash, decked out in pretty much every buzzy streetwear label under the sun.

Feast your eyes on the hypefest above, and for more global street style, check out the sartorial goings-on from St. Petersburg Fashion Week in Russia.

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