Vetements has linked with Russian retailer SVMoscow for a one-off hoodie looking back at the country's communist past. Adorned with the hammer and sickle — "Serp i Molot" in Russian, and "Серп и молот" if you're down with Cyrillic — the hoodie sports Vetements' signature mega-oversized cut, in bright Soviet red, with the iconic political emblem emblazoned on the shoulder.

The hammer and sickle was, and still is, the emblem of communist movements worldwide, and was originally conceived during the Russian Revolution to signify the union of peasants and workers in the fight against Capitalism. It's a pretty nostalgic look at the past — Communism basically died with the fall of the Berlin wall — but it's nevertheless an inescapable part of Russian culture.

Head over to SVMoscow to cop the hoodie for €660 (around $700) in both men's and women's sizes. It's strictly limited to just 50 units, though, so you'd best be quick.

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