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Jack Hem

As part of the latest series of Store x The Vinyl Factory commissions, OFF-WHITE’s creative director Virgil Abloh has teamed up with designer Ben Kelly on a new, interactive club installation called “Ruin.”

Hosted in London’s Store studios, the installation is a collaborative exploration of disco culture, abandoned nightclub spaces and the history of dance music. The asymmetrical installation is adorned with multi-colored lights and ornaments rescued from unkempt and forgotten clubs, intending for the installation to be a practical and functional understanding of music through physical space.

Earlier last month, the installation was taken over by London’s very own Frieze Art Fair for stand-alone music night, “Dancefloor Meditations.” Overall, the project combines Kelly’s experience — most notably as the man behind Manchester’s now-defunct Hacienda nightclub — in conjunction with Abloh’s background in architectural design for a strong and vibrant commission.

The installation joins fellow Store x The Vinyl Factory commissions featuring works from Ryoji Ikeda, Arthur Jafa, Jeremy Shaw and Everything At Once, exploring the notion of sound. Now open freely to the public from Tuesday to Saturday – 12 p.m — 7 p.m., “Ruin” is a great revival of forgotten musical histories through the field of design.

Find it at:

Store Studios
180 The Strand

In case you missed it, here’s Ian Strange’s sculptural installation in Melbourne’s first OFF-WHITE’s store.

  • Photographer: Jack Hem
Words by Candice Nembhard
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