W magazine recently profiled designer and disruptor Virgil Abloh for its new May issue. During the interview, Abloh dished on his pal Kanye West and Raf Simons' much-documented criticism of OFF-WHITE, among other topics.

Below we've highlighted some key excerpts from the conversation, as you can then follow on over to W to read the piece in its entirety.

On attending his first fashion shows as Kanye West's creative director and being an outsider:

“We got into about 60 percent of the shows. We were a generation that was interested in fashion and weren’t supposed to be there. We saw this as our chance to participate and make current culture. In a lot of ways, it felt like we were bringing more excitement than the industry was.”

On Raf Simons' comments surrounding Abloh and OFF-WHITE being unoriginal:

"His critique shows the line in the sand.”

On forging alternate routes to the top:

“I don’t come from where I’m supposed to come from. So I have to prove that this is design, that this is art, that this is valid.”

“I’m always ­trying to prove to my 17-year-old self that I can do creative things I thought weren’t possible. Everything I do references something that influenced me.”

On his inner circle who are impacting the music, art and fashion worlds:

“Those kids don’t realize the power they have. They could become more relevant than fashion brands. I say to them, ‘Kylie’s outfit is different because you exist.’”

Again, visit W to further investigate the complete profile.

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