Massachusetts-based artist Warren Lotas has been generating some buzz in the Insta-sphere for a minute now, thanks to his macabre, punk-flavored graphics that he hand-paints on everything from flannels and hoodies to bombers and YEEZY footwear. After striking the eye of the avant-minded folks at VFILES, the designer has decided to expand his made-to-order business into a full-fledged fashion label.

For his debut FW16 collection, dubbed "MACHINE," Lotas enlists a series of tastemakers such as NYC "It" kids Luka Sabbat and Mike the Ruler, singer Justine Skye and VFILES starlet Danielle Greco to model the 15-piece line of streetwear staples – hoodies, bombers, oversized tees, track pants and tank-tops.

Highlights from the range (all of which is absolutely fire, by the way) include a pair of embroidered barb-wire nylon track pants, a skull-emblazoned chrome-colored MA-1 flight jacket and some wide-legged velvet carpenter pants.

Check out the lookbook above and see what Lotas had to say about his inaugural collection via our Q&A below.

What's the meaning behind the collection's title, "MACHINE?"

The concept of "MACHINE" came from the evolution of doing things in a DIY way to items that I could only create with big machines. I am now in love with the idea of having things be perfect, without manmade flaws.

What are the primary influences behind the designs?

Robots. I love how people envisioned the future (modern day) in movies from the 1980s. The Terminator inspired me a lot though, like how he could analyze and handle a situation based on exact calculations. He's unstoppable, unless of course you melt him. I want to be like that; I'm going to become part-machine someday soon.

How long have you been a designer?

This collection is my first time really "designing." I, along with my creative director Michael Hope (aka Mike the Ruler), worked so hard to create our own unique designs and realize them. It is so satisfying to witness this ideas materialize

Who is your target audience?

Everyone. I guess I don't really create with a target audience in mind. There is such diversity among the people who support me, it's great.

Who are some of your favorite artists?

Hank Williams Jr. , Clint Eastwood, Frank Miller...all certified bosses in my book.

What's your favorite thing to illustrate?

Anything, as long as it's boss.

What's your least favorite trend in graphic clothing (all-over logos, marijuana leaves, etc)?

No more flames please, let Harley Davidson's merchandising department handle that.

Did you always plan on transferring your art onto clothing?

No, not always. My friends made me realize you could put drawings on clothes. They got me started and I owe a lot to them in terms of opening my mind up.

What's next for your brand?

Fragrance, kitchenware...we need everything. I want most things to be hard to get and to be collectible. I honestly want to do so much it makes my head hurt – custom Warren Lotas motorcycles in collaboration with Harley, custom Warren Lotas drapes, etc. My brand WILL get carried at Barney's and Walmart at the same time.

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