Thanks to technological advances, pretty much everything is on its way to becoming wireless. This of course includes smartphones and the coinciding chargers we use to power them.

Here, we’re in turn showcasing the absolute best wireless phone chargers that you can cop right now. Not only do these gadgets eliminate tangles, but they’re simply all-around more convenient.

We have options that are compatible with various different manufacturers so that no matter what phone you’re rocking with, you can charge it accordingly. After checking out our wireless selection, be sure to find the perfect smart speaker to match your personality.

Wireless Charger



ESR’s wireless charger boasts a noticeably slim design and is compatible with Qi-enabled devices. The accessory comes with built-in overheating protection, as well as a lifetime warranty.

PowerPot Wireless 10



The PowerPot by Anker is highlighted by its Fast Charge Mode that allows you to juice your phone two times faster. It is compatible with Qi-enabled devices.

Wireless Charger



Te-Rich’s wireless charger also notes an ultra slim look, providing fast charging for Qi-enabled Samsung devices.

WoodPuck Wireless Charger



The WoodPuck charger from Fonesalesman is easily recognizable due to its distinct design. You can use the gadget with all Qi-enabled devices.

Wireless Charging Convertible



This particular charger from Samsung is convertible, not only optimized for Samsung, but also compatible with Qi-enabled devices.

Wireless Charger



Featuring a non-slip design and fast charging mode, Belkin’s wireless charger is Apple optimized while also working with any Qi-enabled device.

Wireless Charge Pad



Mophie’s Wireless Charge Pad is also non-slip, billed to charge your phone up to 50% faster, while being optimized for Apple.

Wireless Charger



You’ll be hard-pressed to find a cheaper wireless charging option than this particular charger from yootech. Retailing for just $13 USD, the accessory is compatible with Qi-enabled devices.

Marble Wireless Charging Pad



MIKOL presents a premium design utilizing real marble. The wireless charging pad is in turn compatible with any Qi-enabled device.




The standout feature from IKEA’s Nordmarke is that it can charge three Qi-enabled devices simultaneously.




Not only does the Riggad charge Qi-enabled devices, but it also serves as an LED desk lamp.

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  • Main / Featured Image: IKEA

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