Thanks to the limited nature of their release and, well, Kanye West, YEEZYs have always fetched a premium on the resale market in comparison to other special edition sneakers

But with quantities increasing and adidas releasing new silhouettes and colorways more frequently, the resale landscape for YEEZYs is slowly shifting.

Ahead of the YEEZY Boost 350 V2 “Blue Tint” release on December 16, Highsnobiety has partnered with StockX for a deep-dive into the YEEZY resale market in 2017, with illustrations by Dan Freebairn.

By analyzing patterns and exclusive data, we can give you some statistical insight into the YEEZY resale landscape over the past year.

In addition to comparing how the "Blue Tint" colorway stacks up against the rest of the YEEZY releases this year, we’ve drawn some conclusions on the most effective practices to consider when selling YEEZYs. Read on below.

Price Premiums One Week Before Official Release

YEEZYs have some of the highest resale premiums of any sneaker on the secondary market. The above chart looks at how price premiums the week before release of the top eight YEEZYs in 2017 compared with one another.

This week, early pairs of the “Blue Tint” 350s were selling for an average price of $514 – a premium of 133 percent above their retail price of $220.

This premium is slightly below the average of 225 percent for 2017 but still more than the "Beluga 2.0" ($454/106 percent) and "Grey" Calabasas Powerphase ($188/57 percent) releases, while only slightly less than the “Bred” 350s ($589/168 percent) from January.

Judging by these numbers, you’ll have made the biggest profit if you got lucky with the "Zebra" ($1,487/576 percent), "Semi Frozen Yellow" ($959/336 percent), or Wave Runner 700 ($1,141/280 percent) releases. Overall though, you can expect to make money regardless of which colorway you’ve copped.

Price Premiums Before & After Release

Prices tend to fall as release day gets closer because the sneaker becomes more widely available and demand sinks as people attempt to cop for retail.

The second chart shows resale prices at three different points in time: five days before release, release day, and five days after release. Interestingly, the Wave Runner and the “Zebra” did not decrease in price between the five days before release and release day.

The Wave Runner’s price sharply increased on release day before falling again, although it ultimately settled at more than the pre-release price of $1,414. The "Zebra’s" price premium of 576 percent stayed the same between the pre-release and release day, before increasing to well over 600 percent five days after it dropped.

What happens to the "Blue Tint" 350 in terms of resale remains to be seen, however, previous trends suggest that it will decrease in price on release day and then plummet further after demand has been satisfied five days later.

This data shows us that, more often than not, it’s best to sell your YEEZYs as early as possible. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, as the Wave Runner and Zebra proved.

StockX Market Share – First Week of Sales

The last graph shows the respective StockX market share of each YEEZY Boost 350 during the first week of sales. Basically, for any given release week, the percent of dollars spent on StockX that were spent on newly released YEEZYs.

As expected, YEEZYs dominated the cash flow on StockX, with the "Cream White" colorway commanding almost 50 percent of the market share when it first released.

The “Bred,” "Zebra," and “Beluga 2.0” 350s garnered a market share of 41, 35, and 34 percent respectively, while the rare "Semi Frozen Yellow" only had a market cap of eight percent.

Chances are that the expected large availability of the sneaker and modest (in YEEZY terms) resale value of the Blue Tint colorway will help move a fair share of product on StockX in the next week. For more current details, head over to StockX.

If you haven’t already, check out our guide on how to cop the upcoming YEEZY Boost 350 V2 Blue Tint on December 16.

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