[UPDATE] October 6, 2016 7:08am EST — Industry sources speculate that YEEZY Season 3 will hit retailers either at the end of October, or early November. The below story went live in March.

Yesterday we broke the news that Kanye West's YEEZY brand had taken on Fox Racing's Pete Fox as its new president. Now, thanks to a leak from an intrepid Reddit user, we can now reveal the pricing details for Kanye's latest sartorial venture.

As we reported after viewing the collection during Paris Fashion Week, YEEZY Season 3's prices are much, much lower than its previous two installments - although they're still by no means cheap. While outerwear from Kanye's debut collection reached excruciatingly high prices - well over $3,000 - this time around there's only a few pieces which break the $1,000 mark, mainly shearlings and the shredded knitwear that was one of YEEZY Season 1's standout pieces.

The list isn't complete yet - there's still some products with missing titles and/or prices - but we've included them anyway. Scroll your way through the collection in the below galleries.


By far the fastest-selling pieces from YEEZY Season 1 (apart from the sneakers, of course) were the boxy, dropped-shoulder T-shirts. While $195 is still a lot of money for a T-shirt, we imagine these heavy-duty, garment-washed pieces will fly off the shelves when they drop.


Key to YEEZY Season 1 was the range of boxy, oversized sweaters, many of which had been garment-washed and presented in extra-slouchy, dropped-shoulder silhouettes. This time around they're nearly half the price - good news for Kanye fans everywhere.

Note that the chewed-up military sweats that were so excruciatingly expensive (but really dope) in Season 1 are still painfully priced - $1,800 is crazy money for a crewneck, no matter how you look at it.


Again, good news on the whole here. The super-baggy hoodies that were so key in Kanye's new look have dropped dramatically in price. While there appears to be a sweater priced at a rather extravagant $1,800, our source who was at the YEEZY showroom believes that to be a mistake, and that the piece will be priced in-line with the rest of the collection's hoodies.


The shredded, almost-obliterated knitwear - by far YEEZY Season 3's biggest statement pieces - are unfortunately still astronomically expensive. You may want consider auctioning off a kidney if you're thinking of copping one of 'Ye's destroyed mohair knits.


A veritable buffet of outerwear options are included in YEEZY Season 3, highlight of which are the volt yellow and rust orange shearling flight coats - which come at a hefty $1,500 price tag. Elsewhere, there's leather trenches, down-filled wax cotton parkas, bombers and windbreakers - none of which are particularly cheap, although if our sources are to be trusted, are well worth their price tags.


YEEZY Season 3's pants offering includes sporty leggings, jogger pants and Motocross pants produced alongside Fox Racing.


One of the highlights of YEEZY Season 1 was the 950 Duckboot, so it's a shame to see that the prices for Season 3's rugged military boots are still very high, indeed - between $645 and $725, which is certainly no pocket change.


Finally, a pair of backpacks round off the collection - with prices TBC.

For more from YEEZY, check out our exclusive report on the collection's details from the brand's Paris showroom.

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