Kanye West has the Midas Touch when it comes to sneakers. Yeezy has been designing Yeezy shoes since 2006, and to this day his shoes go for huge amounts on the resell market.

We hooked up with sneakerhead data resource StockX (formerly known as Campless) to get the lowdown on how each of Kanye's kicks ranks in terms of resell price, using StockX data. Unfortunately there wasn't enough data available to include the loafer-style Mr. Hudson shoe from 'Ye's Louis Vuitton collab.

Here's a handy price guide incase you're thinking of copping a pair for yourself. Needless to say, they're not cheap.

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Ranking the Yeezy by Price

Hardly surprising, given that they're pretty much one of the most coveted sneakers of all time, but the Red Octobers come way out top here with a ridiculous resell price of $5,131.

'Ye's ultra-rare "College Dropout" Air Max 180 comes second at $4,000, followed by the OG Nike Air Yeezys. The Louis Vuitton shoes take spots #7-13 — bear in mind that they cost a ton to begin with, though.

The more recent adidas YEEZYs finish last (excluding the Mr. Hudson Louis Vs, which we didn't get enough data for). A shoe's availability pretty much determines its resell price, and the adidas shoes were produced in much greater quantities than 'Ye's Nike, BAPE and Louis Vuitton projects. That being said, nearly every one of the Three Stripes' shoes goes for over a grand on the secondary market. That's still a lot of money for a pair of shoes.

The Markup

When ranked by percentage markup, the Red October still comes out on top — the shoe's average resell price is almost 2,000% more than its original retail (two thousand percent!). Kanye's Bapesta isn't far behind at a 1,681% markup, followed by the rest of the OG Yeezy 1s and 2s.

The adidas YEEZY shoes make up most of the second slide — again, hardly surprising given that they were produced in much greater quantities.

The Louis V shoes round off the second slide — in terms of price, they outperformed the adidas shoes, but they had huge retail prices to begin with ($870-$1,140), which is why the markup ain't so good.

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