As you may have noticed, we are on-board with medical marijuana. It comes from a seriously wonderful plant with an astonishing number of applications. One of these days, maybe we will dig into the bounty of civilization-altering uses its red-headed stepsister, hemp, affords, but it is the 20th of April, so we are bringing you a round-up of five fine and functional strains available in the model medical marijuana state: Colorado.

The more money and research that goes into MMJ (as it is called) the more amazing information comes out. These strains are useful in treating everything from chemo sickness, to back pain, to, let’s face it, boredom. Obviously you need a medical license to try them, but if Amendment 64 on November’s ballot gets voted into law, anyone 21 or older in the state will be able to buy bud.

Photography by Ry Prichard

Presidential Kush

Speaking of November elections, Presidential Kush seems like an appropriate strain to begin with. A blend of two legendary strains (OG Kush and Lemon Skunk) created by Colorado Alternative Medicine, Presidential Kush weighs in with a hearty 22-percent THC rating. Available exclusively at CAM, this is a hybrid plant that combines clear-headed sativa high accompanied by a slight body-numb afforded by the indica.


There are a lot of strains out there with names so ridiculous they seem like an attempt to derail the legitimacy of marijuana as medicine—we are thinking “Charlie Sheen” in particular. Here is a strain with a odd name that we can actually get behind: Cheese. Available at River Rock dispensary—with two locations in Denver and another in celebrity-second-home Telluride—Cheese is billed as having a “smooth and uplifting response … a great strain for early daytime use … recommended for euphoria, energy, and creativity.” Who couldn’t use those three things?

Triple X and Wonder Kush

Why a picture of suckers? Because these suckers are made from particular clones of these two popular strains that belong to the folks at Mountain High Suckers. This unique edible company grew around a pair of cuttings that the company stumbled upon, which had unusually high levels of CBDs. Essentially, the more CBDs a strain has, the less of an effect you will feel from the THC. This might not be desirable for everyone, but high CBD strains are very powerful pain-relievers and anti-inflammatory agents. Studies have also shown that they can kill cancer cells and CBD strains have been used to successfully treat alcoholism. Learn more at Project CBD.


This strain is also bred to be higher in CBDs and is popular with patients dealing with pain, nausea and anxiety. The plant came to Northern Lights dispensary by way of Resin Seeds. Residents can pick it up in the hamlet of Edgewater, located in west Denver. If telltale hunger becomes an issue, Edgewater Pizza is nearby—part dive bar that serving chilled schooners of beer, part pizza joint the doles out reliably scrumptious pies bearing stoned-perfect ingredients like American cheese.

Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze

We will wrap this up with another bonkers strain from Colorado Alternative Medicine. “SSSDH may be a mouthful to say but it is worth the effort when you see the trichome-covered buds that give off a potent, pungent aroma,” the dispensary tells us. “Energizing and cerebral, this super-sativa will have you up and about initially, finishing with a very euphoric body relaxation that is characteristic of hazes.” This bud gives off a lemon-like gassy taste and is often prescribed for migraines, depression and chronic fatigue.

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