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Keys. We’ve all got ’em. It’s how we get in and it’s how we keep Hamburglar out. So, as this necessity is always on our person why not treat them well and find them a swanky clip to keep them together. Here we present six of the best, some functional others just plain goodlooking – from Martin Margiela to Corter.

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Victorinox Swiss Army Explorer

A classic to end this six, the Swiss Army knife continues to be a handy pocket companion. So, you’ve bought the bottlehook and it’s given you a taste for more. If you should find yourself at that lame bottle opener-less party again, impress your fellow guests by opening the beers, wine bottles, tearing fearlessly into boxes, unscrewing screws and hell there’s even a toothpick in there – go eat those party sized ribs without a care in the world.

Altadena WorksSplit Keyring

We featured these a while back, Altadena Works, better known for their backpacks, have recreated the Sweet Orr 1920s split keyring, hand forged in Japan these really are the business in terms of small metal goods. A smiley face on each one, who could resist?

The Ashdown WorkshopParacord Keyclip

The Ashdown Workshop made its debut here a few days ago, this cord clip, a favourite in a mainly leather line-up. Royal blue 550 US Military Grade Paracord, Made in Britain, a colorful option available in a range of shades.

Maison Martin MargielaMMM Keyring

A bit of novelty key action from the Spring/Summer 2012 collection, this one is almost too good for your keys. Part of the jewellery lines ‘illusion’ theme, when spun the ottone brass tab reads MMM. Use this to hypnotise people into a minimalist Belgian themed frenzy.

Household Goods – Leopard Carabiner

For many, the carabiner has always been the key carrier of choice with it’s belt loop friendly design. This one certainly isn’t safe for climbing but it will add a bit of big cat styling to you back pocket. The great thing about these is the amount of junk you can hang off them and that satisfying click when closed. Do you really need anymore more reasons to press ‘BUY’?

Corter LeatherBottlehook

This is Corter’s first non-leather outing and a fine one it is indeed. When you can combine keeping your keys together with opening bottles on the go you’re onto a winner. Find yourself at a party with no bottle opener? You’re the star of the show. Available in brass, silver and fire engine red with a return to sender leather key tag.


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