Embarking on the journey to become a genuine jewelry wearer requires commitment and taste. By that I mean, if you’re going to do it, do it well. Of course taste is subjective, but there comes an age, usually post-sixteen, when anybody wearing a shark-tooth pendant on a wooden beaded choker necklace is not to be trusted. Don’t be that guy, or before you know it you’ll be hanging around in parks mid-week, affixing a makeshift tightrope between two trees whilst your mates are jamming on their bongos in the background. And that’s not subjective, that’s pure fact.

Men wearing tasteful, silver jewelry is like a coming of adulthood. It’s a sign that you have money and taste you are willing to invest into timeless pieces, you’re aware of the latest hype sneakers but – hey – trends come and go, and you’re done with any jewelry related emasculation issues. So enjoy the selection below.

Concrete Ando Ring

Jewelry is possibly the one conceptual item you can wear without looking like an absolute herb. This ring from 22DesignStudio is constructed from steel and concrete, based on Brutalist architecture. It might not actually be silver but squint your eyes and from a reasonable distance it totally looks it and that’s all that matters. Due to the material, the color deepens and changes in accordance to the wearer’s behaviour. Find it online at Not Just A Label.


Maison Martin Margiela Casting Double Brass Ring

Maison Martin Margiela have the monopoly on men’s jewelry and it’s fair to see why. Playing to an industrial vibe without seeming like they’re just over compensating with overly masculine designs, this ring is crafted from tarnished silver brass and is hinged at the base, sliding open to reveal a nostalgic inscription. It’s that attention to detail that sets apart MMM’s designs. Buy it over at Oki-Ni.


Eddie Borgo Split Pin Necklace

There’s an unavoidable trend for chains with personally added pendants. Sentimentality and jewelry should go hand in hand, for sure, but I feel things are getting out of hand when guys are threading any old tat onto any old chain. Take heed from Eddie Borgo with this split pin necklace, available at ReStir now.


George Frost Victory Ring 

People are still rocking gold sovereign rings, and kudos to them if that’s their vibe. But anyone with a slightly pink tone to their skin will know that gold rings just play absolute havoc with your complexion. This ‘Victory’ ring by George Frost is a contemporary take on the sovereign, and still comes in gold if you’re that way inclined. Available now at Couverture & The Garbstore.


Bjorg Brass Finger Ring

Bjorg are inspired by ‘the perpetual flux of nature and its ever changing forms,’ evident in this ring. Made from ruthenium plated brass which I’m told is a rare transition metal belonging to the platinum group and is inert to most chemicals. Get it now from Oki-Ni.


Copula Aztec Ring

Made from solid, 925 sterling silver, sometimes you find a ring that makes the outfit for you because people don’t want to look anywhere else. The aztec pattern is embedded on an oxidised black surface and strikes the perfect balance with its simplistic pattern. Available exclusively at LN-CC.


Cast Of Vices Pendant Necklace

Remember what I said about conceptual jewelry? Bear that in mind when considering this Cast Of Vices pendant necklace. The white porcelain pendant resembles a Vicodin pill, subtle enough to make the necklace, pointed enough to make a conversation starter. Buy it now from Far Fetch.


Maison Martin Margiela Casting Old Coin Necklace

In usual Maison Martin Margiela style, ordinary objects are reproduced in order to create a unique piece. In this case, a replica 50 pence piece and a screwdriver head are merged together and elevated to a luxurious level. Buy it now at Oki-Ni.

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