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DSPTCH, the San Francisco-based tech accessories company so known for their military gear-inspired camera straps and tablet cases expands their product lineup onto bags. We spoke with Richard Liu, founder and designer of DSPTCH, to get an exclusive preview of the two new bag styles being released today and to learn about the reasons behind the company’s change in the new direction. Much to our benefit, we found that the company is not changing much at all, but simply taking their dedication to quality and style to the next level, offering everyday travel gear for the city dweller who’s constantly on the move. Read on for details on DSPTCH’s new bags and why you should get them.

What compelled you to make your accessories?

I got into the micro four-thirds market when I was doing research for SLR cameras to carry when I travel. The problem is, a lot of these cameras come from Japan, and when they make their accessories, they make it for the Japanese body type. The [DSPTCH] camera strap came about when I needed something for more of an American or European body type. It’s extendable, a little wider, and more comfortable for people that are going to be carrying [it].

A couple months ago you released tablet cases, and now you have bags. Can you explain how this transition came about?

We decided that camera accessories are great, but what we are really passionate about is travel gear, something more suitable for someone in their twenties and thirties [that] really isn’t out in the market right now. [The bags are] really sophisticated, durable and functional for people that travel, live an active lifestyle and spend a lot of time in the urban landscape. There’s a lot of backpacking outdoors for people that climb mountains and there’s real business stuff for people coming from boardroom to conference room, but [we are] something in-between, which is really the San Francisco lifestyle. People ride bikes, they jump on the train, they may walk for a couple hours. Something that is really suitable for all those activities [isn’t] really out there yet.

How has producing bags beyond just smaller accessories affected your scalability? Are you still able to produce everything in the US?

We remain completely free of external investment. The entire company has been bootstrapped, which means we have only invested with money we’ve already made. It slows down our growth a little bit, [but] it gives us complete freedom to do what we want, grow at the pace we want to grow. Maybe we’ll come out with two products next quarter but those are going to be great products. The entire company is centered on making quality products that are really well-thought out as opposed to expanding a product line simply so we’ll better a portfolio piece for an investor.

About the bags:

DSTPCH releases two new bag styles today, the Rucksack and the Slingpack. The Rucksack is a slim version of the traditional military rucksack, designed to carry everyday goods with easily accessible compartments. The Slingpack is a lightweight bag for minimal traveling essentials, including a hidden pocket to secure valuables. Both bags are made of Ballistic nylon traditionally used in military jackets, Duraflex hardware and Mil Spec webbing, and like all products by DSPTCH, are made in the USA.

Find the bags on sale now on DSPTCH’s online store.

Words by Elaine YJ Lee