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This season marks the launch of an interesting new collection, that is not only appealing in its looks, but also not to be underestimated in terms of the team that is behind it. Over All Mastercloth is a project initiated by Carhartt Work in Progress (WIP), the European arm of the ever-popular American workwear brand Carhartt. We have to admit, it might be one of the most interesting new brand launches in recent years for us.

“Carhartt Work in Progress frames the O.A.M.C. collection as a premium iteration of classic Carhartt workwear designs reinterpreted and modernized, blending functionality with contemporary design to maximize innovation and introduce new evolutions in menswear.”

We show you today the inaugural Fall/Winter 2013 Collection, which already hints at the future of this new brand, perfectly fusing iconic silhouettes with up to date fabrics and innovation, something one does not come across a lot these days. Rather than producing yet another trucker jacket that does the same as all the others on the market, O.A.M.C. went the extra mile to add details to their pieces that make them each stand out.

“O.A.M.C. is the next chapter of Carhartt’s lineage. The O.A.M.C. collections are distinguished by sophisticated yet durable designs produced using premium materials and utilizing modern developments in engineering and technical garment fabrication, all while paying due respect to Carhartt’s origins: authentic blue-collar work wear. But only the references for O.A.M.C. are traditional, everything else has been updated.”

We have already seen the Spring 2014 collection, which will really underline the direction the brand is headed. The future looks bright for Over All Master Cloth. The collection is now arriving with select retailers around the globe, so keep your eyes open. Retailers include colette, Tres Bien, Antonioli, Slam Jam, END Clothing, Union Los Angeles, Concepts and Surrender.

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