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We compare the recently-released Air Jordan 1.5 “Hybrid” with the OG Air Jordan 1.

One of the many, many unseen prototypes in Nike’s colossal design archive is the Air Jordan 1.5. Conceived while Nike’s designers were tinkering with different cushioning options for Michael Jordan’s iconic footwear line, the sneaker fused the Air Jordan 1 with the Air Jordan 2’s sole unit and sported a lower profile than its predecessor.

We enlisted the help of veteran sneakerhead Rolo Tanedo Jr (aka @dunksrnice) to compare the OG Air Jordan 1 with its previously-unseen cousin; the Air Jordan 1.5 is on the left of the below pictures, while the 1 is on the right.

Shoe Boxes

“The Jordan 1 came in the Nike logo box like it did back in 1985. The Jordan 1.5 also came with the Swooshed-up black and red box but a bit bigger; even though the shoes are the same size.”

Side by Side Profile

“You can clearly see the differences in the outsole, midsole and the ankle collar logo; although both Jordan 1.5 and Jordan 1 use the same vibrant ‘Chicago’ red leather.”

Side by Side Close Up

“Here you can clearly see the difference in height. The Jordan 1 is taller than the Jordan 1.5, giving it more ankle support at the collar. The obvious difference again is the sole, midsole and logo.”

Sole Comparison

“On the left you have the Jordan 1.5 and on the right you have the Jordan 1. The Jordan 1.5’s sole is rubber but since the midsole is polyurethane, the Nike logo on the sole is polyurethane, not rubber.”

Toe Box

“The toe box areas are very similar. The only visible difference is the slightly different curves.”


“On the left is the Jordan 1.5, while the Jordan 1 is in the background; the Jordan 1.5’s tongue label is black and red, while the Jordan 1 uses white.”

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