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A few days ago, Desiigner shared a brief, 45-second snippet of a rap as part of his ongoing Freshman Freestyle series for XXL. Despite not really understanding a word of it, it was clear that this rap had the potential to be a banger. Now we have proof that it most definitely will be, as the rapper has shared a more complete version of the track that is now called “Timmy Turner.”

Whether the title is an oblique reference to the Nickelodeon classic The Fairly Oddparents is beside the point; the minute and a half of “Timmy Turner” that has emerged on Twitter could be the most fully-realized melodic outing from the rapper yet. As glorious as “Panda” continues to be, this new track demonstrates a keen musical growth in the months since Desiigner has exploded onto the hip-hop scene.

There’s no word on the official release of “Timmy Turner,” but from what we can hear in the video, it seems like it will arrive sooner rather than later. Watch the whole clip below:

Stay tuned for any Desiigner updates, and prepare for his total hip-hop domination.

In other new hip-hop news, Young Thug just dropped an overtly sexual song and video for his fiancée.

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