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Design and manufacturing company DSPTCH continues to nail functionality and style in one fell swoop, this time with a bag range aimed at parents and children.

Made up of the Utility Ruck for adults and Mini Utility Ruck for kids, the former has been designed to “modernize the appeal and upgrade the functionality of what one would expect from a traditional diaper bag,” or, in other words, it’s a diaper bag that looks dope. The kids pack can then be attached to the larger pack for a consolidated carry option — great news for them, but probably not for you.

Other features include one hand accessibility and luggage-grade durability. The kid’s pack, it should be noted, has been designed to provide usage well beyond the necessities of an infant, thus providing long-term benefit.

The Mini Ruck is priced at $158, while the Utility Ruck comes in at $204.

Ever wondered what the world’s thinnest backpack might look like? Check it out here.

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