Vetements’s FW17 collection has just dropped at SSENSE. The newest ensemble of fall threads is a nod to street fashion in all its glory and grit. With puffer jackets that double as sleeping bags and trash metal denim vests reminiscent of greasy-haired heavy metal fans jostling for elbow-room at concerts, the down and out theme is very much present in this new collection.

Weird or wonderful? Peruse our selection below and decide for yourself.

Vagabond Sleeping Bag Puffer



In case of the apocalypse, you may want this puffer jacket-cum-sleeping bag to protect yourself from freezing winters. So start saving!

Nerd Waxed Vest



It’s great when you can get as much mileage out of an item as possible. We suggest this Nerd Waxed Vest. This reversible number can be worn multiple ways, so it will keep your friends fooled.

Trash Metal Double Vest

Vetements x Levi's


The staple of metal rock fans, this patch-heavy denim vest is a nod to one of the grungiest, and not to mention most hard-core music subcultures in history. This Trash Metal Double Vest by Levi’s x Vetements proves that you don’t have to like heavy metal to rock this item. It can be for anyone and everyone.

Genetically Modified Volunteer Puffer



Oversized puffer jackets are a man’s best friend come winter time. With its comforting feel, this genetically modified puffer should do the trick. Scarf

Vetements x Reebok


Don’t get wrapped up in yourself and forget to give out a free hug this winter. This Vetements x Reebok creation is a subtle reminder that we all need hugs, especially during the chillier months.

Snuff Necklace



The ’80s called and they want their snuff necklace back. The snuff necklace is a funny tribute to the decade of excess, and can be worn for kicks, or for Studio 54-themed parties.

Grinder Necklace



And if you prefer something different than the snuff number, opt for this grinder necklace. It’s not too flashy, and will give any outfit some extra street cred.

Genetically Modified Trainer

Reebok x Vetements


This Genetically Modified Trainer dropped last week, but we’re still digging its dystopian vibe.

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Words by Molly Hannon
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