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I think it’s safe to say that planning for a trip with airport style in mind is the bane of everyone’s existence. High stress levels and rude (or even abusive) airline staff aside, the arduous process of packing and selecting outfits both day of and for the duration of your excursion is a skill unmastered by so, so many. I mean, there’s a reason why disheveled hairstyles, Gildan tourist paraphernalia, UGG boots or, even worse, flip-flops have become staples for airport trotters these days.

I get it, you want to be comfortable and breeze through security check by avoiding the hassle of stripping away heaps of clothes and accessories, which could in turn hold up the line and irritate dozens of already irate travelers (been there), but really guys, you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort…promise.

Don’t believe me? I hit up three of my most stylish photographer friends to explain how they always maintain a fire fit when traveling. And trust me, considering these guys spend more time in an airplane than they do in their own beds, they definitely know a thing or two about airport style.

What’s your go-to footwear when traveling?

Julien Boudet, @bleumode

Adam Katz Sinding, @le21eme: I normally wear 1-2 pairs of shoes for a whole season. Normally sneakers. Normally Nike. This past season, I wore these super ugly but fucking rad hiking boots by Hoka One One. Today I flew with ACRONYM x Nike Prestos. Basically just something comfy.

Julien Boudet, @bleumode: Definitely something comfortable and light, obviously, but also something that looks cool; I usually wear my adidas UltraBoost Uncaged because they’re very easy to take off – although most of the time I don’t even have to remove them when going through security at airports since they’re so thin and light.

Eva Losada, Usually my double sole, high lace-up with metal tip Dr. Martens – everything that I am not supposed to wear to pass the control in one go…but they are also the heaviest shoes I am carrying so I have to reduce the weight inside the luggage as much as I can.

What’s the hardest part about packing and dressing when traveling?

Eva Al Desnudo

Adam Katz Sinding, @le21eme: Planning! When I leave Copenhagen for NYFW in September, I have to pack for NYC in September which is hot, then London which is mild, Milan which is hot and Paris which is who knows what…then to Moscow which is freezing. So you need tank tops and winter coats, shorts and long underwear. It sucks.

Julien Boudet, @bleumode: The hardest part is to select sneakers; I probably have around 30-35 pairs in Paris and about 20 in New York, and only 2-3 pairs maximum can travel with me. Considering that I also run and play basketball in them, it doesn’t give me that much freedom in my choices, it has to be very strategic.

Eva Losada, I am very used to packing enough clothes for 2-3 consecutive weeks, so I usually do it quite quick and is not a hassle at all. Probably the only thing I check 3-4 times before closing the luggage is my camera equipment – I’m always panic about forgetting any piece of equipment that I am going to use.

Are you a light or heavy packer?

Eva Al Desnudo

Adam Katz Sinding, @le21eme: I carry a lot of equipment, so I guess heavy…but I don’t pack that many clothes. I tend to just get nervous and pack similar pieces, like two GORE-TEX shells when I only need one and then only one pair of shoes…I never quite know what to do.

Julien Boudet, @bleumode: If you take into consideration all the traveling I usually do in a pretty short period of time, I would say that I’m a light packer. I often leave NYC (where I’m based) for two months with only one regular suitcase, one carry-on (with all my photo equipment) and my backpack (laptop, books, notebooks, etc) and I can do up to 10-12 different cities in between. So yes, I think I can consider myself a light packer.

Eva Losada, Definitely heavy; usually have to pay for excess weight. Recently I bought the lightest suitcase I found so all the kilograms come from what I am wearing and not the suitcase itself.

I am one of the few photographers that take care of the looks I am wearing while working, so usually my suitcase is full of enough clothes to have a look per day or repeat only a few pieces. I also carry a hair dryer and straightener even if the apartment I am going to has one because I only like mine.

What’s the worst thing about typical airport style?

Eva Al Desnudo

Adam Katz Sinding, @le21eme: In Copenhagen people are well dressed it seems. At JFK in New York City, it’s UGGs and sweatpants…it’s like they’ve all just given up.

Julien Boudet, @bleumode: Pajamas I guess… honestly I don’t really pay attention to what people wear there, I’m usually lost in my thoughts ahah.

Eva Losada, Old cotton tracksuits and ponytails. I do not understand why people dress like if they were going to the park to walk the dog when they travel, you can be comfortable and still look good.

What’s your number one airport style rule when getting ready for a flight?

Eva Al Desnudo

Adam Katz Sinding, @le21eme: Hoodie and a hat so I can block out all the light and sound and keep my head warm with the cold AC on the plane.

Julien Boudet, @bleumode: If my suitcase is full, I have to sacrifice myself and wear all the heavy pieces to be able to fit as many outfits as possible in my luggage – leather coat, leather pants, boots (if I decide to carry some) even if that’s not very comfortable to travel in.

If my suitcase is quite empty, then I’d just wear the most comfortable and light pieces; for instance, I’m currently on a plane from Paris to NYC and I have my adidas Spezial tracksuit on, or I can also wear a cool vintage Lacoste tracksuit.

Eva Losada, Dr. Martens and a really big, heavy coat…usually a biker jacket.

What won’t you ever wear at an airport?

Adam Katz Sinding, @le21eme: A bomb-vest…

Julien Boudet, @bleumode: I guess I can wear anything if I really need to.

Eva Losada, Probably anything I would not wear any other day – I dress the same when I travel as I do in normal life.

Do you have to sacrifice anything from your normal style when you travel? 

Eva Al Desnudo

Adam Katz Sinding, @le21eme: I used to wear like six Werkstatt München bracelets…it meant I got hit with the wand every time as I set off all metal detectors. Now I wear one small thin one. I stopped wearing my Chrome Hearts chain, too. Anyone wanna buy? 😉

Julien Boudet, @bleumode: I love jewelry and I always wear necklaces, rings and bracelets; I usually keep them on, or if I feel lazy that day I’d just put them in my backpack so there’s no issue. Other than that, yes, when it’s winter time you can’t really bring a lot of coats with you, so you have to pick only one, that’s about it.

Eva Losada, My metallic heavy jewelry – I put them inside the checked luggage to avoid them to be taken as a weapon in the control as they are heavy chains and carabiners…so better not even try.

Do you have any traveling rituals?

Eva Al Desnudo

Adam Katz Sinding, @le21eme: I have duplicates of everything. Running shoes in my bag and at my apartment…the same ones. Deodorant in my carry-on, in my checked and at home. Same one. Sonicare at home and in my carry-on…same one. Double comb, double nail clippers, triple MacBook chargers, triple adapters…just everything. Even a spare passport. I can’t risk forgetting to pack anything.

Oh, I also listen to the same songs every time I take off. I’m scared to fly and I travel 340 days a year. FML.

Julien Boudet, @bleumode: I usually get coffee before getting on a flight…and call my mom to let her know where I’m headed next, that’s all.

Eva Losada, Only when I come back from Japan; I buy green tea and sakura flowers Kit-Kat boxes for me and my family, yummy! Other than that, only if I need something, like makeup, which I usually buy it at the airport.

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Words by Nico Amarca
Fashion Editor, North America