ASICS has teamed up with the IAAF World Championships, commonly referred to as the World Championships in Athletics, which is a biennial athletics event that is in London this year to launch #IMoveLondon -- a campaign to inspire Londoners to trade their typical daily train commute for the benefits of getting outside and moving more with the help of ASICS trainers instead.

According to research from the brand, travel delays and hot sweaty tube journeys makes commuters feel twice as tired than compared to traveling on foot. The survey also revealed that those who walk to work are three times less stressed than those who ride the train, proving that moving during your commute has a positive impact on both your body and your mind.

To further relay this message, the brand has created a video series with their SMSB (Sound Mind Sound Body), which show how you can turn your city into a gym. The SMSB is a global community of creative and sports enthusiasts founded by ASICS and curated by DJ and poet Charlie Dark, who are leading workshops at a series of pop up Run The Tube events hosted by ASICS around the capital.

Designed by American artists Rob Jensen and Warren Trezevan, Run The Tube is a multisensory movement experience, which creates an 85 meter tunnel made from hoops of light that respond to the music being played. This enticing installment will be situated at three popular urban work out spots in London – the Leake Street Tunnel, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and Clapham Common.

You can find out more information and participate in the #IMoveLondon campaign directly here.

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