ASICS launched its latest running innovation, the MetaRide, with an invite-only test run on the streets of Tokyo last weekend.

Billed as one of the Japanese brand's most important innovations in its 70-year history, the MetaRide was built specifically to make long runs easier. The runner is precision-engineered to minimize movement in the ankle joint, where most energy is expended, and said to reduce energy loss by 0.04 percent. That might sound small to non-runners, but over long distances the gains are considerable.

The Tokyo launch event began with a 5-kilometer trial run to Tokyo Tower, followed by the official unveiling at a nearby venue.

On stage at the event, ASICS president and chief operating officer Yasuhito Hirota said, “We believe this new technology has the potential to disrupt the world of long- distance running. Our athletes and runners have told us that the MetaRide is already transforming how they train, race, run, and recover. This is just the beginning of a new era for ASICS, as we bring the best innovations to our fans while attracting a new generation of runners.”

Check out images of the ASICS MetaRide and the test run above. The shoe can be purchased for $250 over at the brand's online store.

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