On this week’s episode of ‘The Dropcast,’ hosts Jian DeLeon and Noah Thomas are beyond bummed that most of the week’s sneaker releases (and teases) are pretty much a gigantic bag of bricks. There’s the Grateful Dead Bear Nike SBs that look like a radioactive version of the Three Bears pack from back in the day, and the long-awaited COMME des GARÇONS x Nike Dunk Lows…which are also disappointing. That’s a shame, considering how fire the clear high-tops from 2017 were.

But there is one shoe that manages to pass their taste test, and you’ll have to listen to the episode to figure out which one it is.

Meanwhile in style news, the Daniel Johnston and Supreme are back with another collaboration, following up on a line of T-shirts from 2012. It’s crazy that it happened almost a decade ago, which makes both hosts keenly aware of their own mortality after remembering that they were around for the first time the two entities got together.

Of course, one of the most important things in quarantine is hygiene and a regular grooming regimen, which is also why the hosts discuss Highsnobiety’s grooming week and one of its standout articles: What’s the Skincare Equivalent of Your Favorite Fashion Brand?

And lastly, it appears we very well may be in the middle of a clout drought. Jian explains what that means and digs deeper into his article.

For any and all questions (or messages of love, hate, and the gray area in between), don’t forget to call The Dropcast Hotline at. 833-HIGHSNOB (833-444-4766). We’ll be back soon with more episodes and perhaps a question of the week.

Words by Jian DeLeon
Editorial Director

Jian DeLeon is the Editorial Director at Highsnobiety. He is based in New York.