If you hate the rise of paper straws and their inevitable decomposition midway through your morning commute, rendering your cold brew unattainable, boy do we have a solution for you. Dior has come to the rescue with a $150 set of reusable straws.

The pack comes with six glass straws, three that are all gold and three that are clear with shiny gold ribbon spiraling through it. You may scoff at the price tag... FOR STRAWS. But the price comes out to $25 per straw, which is crazy but not that crazy. We're talking hand-blown, hand-painted works of art here.

Plus, think of all the other things you can use the straws for. A designer straw can go so much further than mere beverage consumption, if you use your imagination.

See! A true Swiss Army Knife of a straw. The straws are currently available at select Dior Maison boutiques in Europe.

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