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Fashion weeks aren’t just a preview of upcoming sartorial trends. Style is about more than clothing, after all. Every designer and fashion house hires hair stylists and groomers to help tell a brand’s latest story. The models, in turn, are a walking preview of the grooming trends that will soon flood the streets — sometimes even more commonly than the new clothes.

At the New York Fashion Week Men’s shows, the hairstyles stood out. This is typical, but there were no major revelations with facial hair or makeup or anything in between. Bare faces are common at fashion shows, of course, but it’s worth noting that the hairstyle trends we noticed do tend to suit a clean-shaven look, so maybe beards and five o’clock shadow are finally on their way out.

Before you book your next hair appointment, consider the following hairstyles. They’ll be everywhere this year, so you’ll at least get to say you beat everyone else to the punch.

Uniform buzz cuts

The lights are fading on the fade and here’s a style you can actually do at home: the uniform buzz cut using a single guard. From a super-tight 0.5-millimeter or 1-millimeter buzz to a half-centimeter trim, models wore a single length of hair without any gradation from sides to top. Although this is achievable with a pair of clippers at home, we still recommend visiting a barber or salon for cleaner edges or rounded sides if you’re otherwise prone to poofy corners.

Off the shoulders, down the sides

The next three trends all work together. The first of them: long hair, worn just off the shoulders. Don’t tuck it behind the ears; let it fall to both sides freely. You might have been crawling during the early ’90s era of grunge (or been a twinkle in its eye), so this is your chance to rock out.

Get some grooming cream to keep your hair from frizzing and some finishing spray to restrict its movement without cementing it in place. Or add a couple of drops of hair oil if you want to add a little shine and weight it down ever so slightly.

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Defined parts

Be it off the shoulder or something edgier, we saw lots of hard parts on the New York runway. The simple way to describe the look is that they’re the kinds of parts that require a comb or a clipped line, as opposed to hand-parted or a blown-over part. Palm Angels utilized the style best with its “goth raver” showcase, with models rocking hairstyles that were shorter or even asymmetrical.

Center parts

Another ’90s staple making a comeback is the center part. In New York, they came in every type: defined or soft, off the shoulders or down the back, behind the ear or down the sides.

You too can move your natural part to the center like the models on the runway — just style it the same way you would the shoulder-length hair above. Start with a grooming cream combed into damp hair and either air-dried or blown dry. Finish with a control spray or a hair oil, or apply hair oil to dry hair if yours is long enough to weight itself down and not too thick and stubborn.

Words by Adam Hurly

Grooming and travel writer from the US, based in Berlin.