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New York’s Special Delivery recently sent over a few pairs of cotton boxers and t-shirts for our inspection. As you know, we geek out over basics, especially when they’re made from Supima cotton (see our other most recent reviews here and here).

Most guys, my self included, are creatures of habit. I’ve stuck to the same brand of no-show athletic socks, white undershirts and underwear for as long as I can remember. Having said that, my undergarment game is far from weak, I’ve become resistant to change. Up until now, my underwear drawer has been filled with print-heavy boxer shorts, ideal for those occasions when my jeans ride a bit low. While those days are not completely behind me (sorry, mom), it’s about time for an upgrade.

“How am I going to review underwear?,” I used to think to myself. “boxers are just boxers, right?” I broke into Special Delivery’s pristinely packed boxers with a lot of doubts. Oh, how I was wrong.

This stuff is made from Supima cotton — without getting too technical (and graphic) here, it’s extra soft in all the right places. I tried the briefs for a day, but kept gravitating back to the boxer shorts. (It’s an ancient debate; I’m not going to get into that today.) The fit is spot-on and boasts an unbranded, no-frills approach to construction.

Thanks to Special Delivery, I came to the realization that my undergarments should fall in line with my current aesthetic decisions, definitely not those from high school. As much as I love routine, better options call for a change. And Special Delivery is that better option — making sure that special package gets delivered comfortably to where ever it may be going.

The streamlined product offering ranges from $36 to $74 and can be found in select global retailers as well as online.

Words by Thomas Welch