Consultancy agency Interbrand has just unleashed their list of Best Global Brands for 2016. Each year, the company in turn provides a breakdown of the world's most valuable brands. On the fashion front for this year — in terms of luxury and retail — there is a bit of juxtaposition. We see both high fashion labels and more affordable imprints taking home top honors.

Coming in at number one in the fashion sector for 2016 is Louis Vuitton ($23,998 million). Next up are two noticeably cheaper options, H&M ($22,681 million) and Zara ($16,766 million). Fourth, we have yet another high fashion staple, Hermès ($12,833 million), followed by Gucci ($9,385 million), Cartier ($7,738 million), Tiffany & Co. ($5,761 million), Prada ($5,504 million), Burberry ($5,362 million), Dior ($4,409 million) and Ralph Lauren ($4,092 million).

Now you're probably wondering what criteria Interbrand takes into account when ranking such brands. In gathering data from multiple sources, they in turn look at financial performance, the ability to create loyalty, and the power that the brand's name has.

In terms of all brands, to no surprise, Apple ranks number one, followed by Google.

For Interbrand's Best Global Brands breakdown for 2016, follow here.

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