Jordan Peele's new horror movie Us came out on Friday, opening to massive box office success and worldwide critical acclaim, with star Lupita Nyong'o already tipped for an Oscar nomination.

It goes without saying that Nyong'o's performance is incredible. Her wide-eyed, disturbing gaze sticks with you long after the movie's credits close. And her powerful performance is no doubt partly down to the intense horror homework Peele assigned to the actor before Us started filming.

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, below you'll find all 10 of the sinister movies Peele made Nyong'o watch to nail her roles as Adelaide and doppelgänger Red.

The Babadook

This 2014 Australian horror follows a mother and son haunted by a super-creepy storybook character known as Mister Babadook.

It Follows

A fatal curse sees an entity single-mindedly stalking and killing its prey after being passed from victim to victim via sex.

A Tale of Two Sisters

This South Korean horror follows a patient recently released from a mental institution. After returning home with her sister, they find themselves facing weird events involving their father's new wife and visions of their late mother.

The Birds

This 1963 Alfred Hitchcock classic sees a series of sudden and unexplained violent attacks by birds on the people of San Francisco.

Funny Games

Michael Haneke’s 2007 US remake of his own 1997 Austrian original is a deeply unsettling home invasion thriller in which a family is tortured and humiliated by a pair of sadistic attackers.


Two young French orphans are plunged into an actual living hell, an underground world of secret chambers housing sinister ideas and endless torture.

Let the Right One In

Based on a Swedish novel of the same name, Let the Right One In follows the relationship that blooms between a bullied boy and a young vampire girl.

The Sixth Sense

Last but not least, M. Night Shyamalan's classic debut is about a young boy sent to therapy because he claims he can see dead people.

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