These are uncharted times for Louis Vuitton. Following last year’s tie-up with Supreme and the seismic announcement of Virgil Abloh as menswear artistic director, the venerable French house — once worn almost exclusively by the elite — has now been co-opted at street level. In another lifetime, seeing the LV monogram down the skate park might cause one to wonder if they were experiencing some kind of glitch in the matrix, but these days, high fashion and streetwear go together like milk and honey. I mean, check out this shoulder bag and try telling me it wouldn’t look great with a tracksuit.

When it comes to mixing the two spheres, anything goes. Throw away the rule book, stop giving a fuck what other people think and wear what you like.

A living embodiment of said approach is Berlin creative director and artist Mago Dovjenko. Mago started designing when he was 12 and has gone on to work for clients such as adidas, Nike, Budweiser, and even LMVH —  the luxury goods conglomerate which was formed in 1987 under the merger of Moet Hennessy, and yep, Louis Vuitton.

“When I was a kid, my mom had a few of the monogram bags and I always loved the pattern,” says Mago of his early experiences with LV. “But back then it wasn’t possible to wear it as a boy and style it a cool way.”

“I started working with Louis Vuitton on an editorial level this year and these are my pieces [worn in the gallery above] from the latest collection of Kim Jones. I like wearing stuff that’s unusual or tricky to wear.”

Of course, not everybody can pull off such unapologetically loud garb, but for Mago, it all comes down to intuition — and accessories. “I usually do it all naturally. I don’t have any direction in mind, just let it flow until I feel it looks good. Jewelry is my key to balance it all out, always.”

Mago wears Louis Vuitton, Afterlife, Vika, Weekday & Dr. Martens.

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