Mark Wahlberg is a self-proclaimed sneakerhead, and a notable one at that. And when you have the celebrity status that he does, often times you're blessed with releases that most of us can only dream of, not to mention custom kicks. In taking a detailed look at the collection of the Boston actor, Campless has found out just how much his arsenal is worth. The cool thing about the project is that Mark himself asked Campless to come dive into his footwear heat. They ventured out to his home and spent several hours assessing his collection, although all of his shoes were not located at that particular house (of course).

The value of the sneakers is based on the models that Campless currently tracks. 137 shoes were examined, but only 90 have been tracked by the company. Other select styles were estimated. All in all, Wahlberg's collection is calculated to be worth $100K USD.

You can check out Mark Wahlberg's entire sneaker collection here.

His most expensive models are the Eminem x Carhartt Air Jordan 4, OVO Air Jordan 12 "White" and Duckman Air Jordan 14.

For a detailed breakdown, see the coinciding infographic below.

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