Yesterday marked the arrival of Highsnobiety Magazine Issue 19, a stacked tome that, as always, champions the most inspirational talents operating in our culture today. This time the issue centered around themes of versatility and right now, there’s no better representation of what it means to be multifaceted than our cover star, Michael B. Jordan.

Proving this in the accompanying interview, Jordan bounces through a myriad of topics: from his childhood X-Men aspirations and experience starring in Marvel's first black superhero movie, Black Panther, to owning his own production company, Outlier Society, and his goal of improving diversity in Hollywood.

Jordan also tells us about his recent apparel collaboration with luxury fashion house Coach, which was inspired by Jordan's obsession with manga and anime and, in particular, with the character Naruto. It's his love for the genres that appears to have captured the imagination of Highsnobiety readers the most, however. Or at least, that was the impression we got when suddenly flooded with with fan art reinterpreting his Issue 19 cover shoot in a classic anime style.

In celebration of that, we've selected our three favorite fan submissions and highlighted them below. Let us know what you think in the comments.


Highsnobiety / Goathe
Highsnobiety / Micaiah Carter

While bold colors and brand labels normally appear frequently in Goathe aka Van Goathe's work, the artist has taken a more muted approach in this total reinterpretation. Alongside depicting Jordan as Naruto, he's added sick fit details such as silver plating on the hand and earrings.


Highsnobiety / Jyn
Highsnobiety / Micaiah Carter

Jyn has also opted to interpret Jordan as his favorite anime character, however here the rest of the fan art stays faithful to the shoot. She's captured the detailing on Jordan's fit super well, even down the two-tone pattern on his textured loafers.

Kurt Art

Highsnobiety / Kurt Art
Highsnobiety / Micaiah Carter

Last but not least, Kurt Art has delivered a true-to-life reinterpretation of Jordan, inspired by the shot that serves as Issue 19's cover image. Even the illustrated version makes us want to cop this Coach jacket, what do you think?

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