Recently, everyone has been talking about Pete Davidson. If it's not his impressive dating history that includes both Ariana Grande and currently, Kim Kardashian, it's his chaotic-yet-fashionable appearance that seems to have us all week in the knees.

There's something strange about matching multiple prints and all the colors of the rainbow, but Davidson has somehow made it work. He's a pioneer of the scum bro aesthetic, which many seem to love. But, Pete Davidson's chaotic fits had a predecessor: Jonah Hill.

Whether it is rocking a basketball tank with suit trousers, a tie-dye tee with bright neon orange shorts, or experimenting with pink hair, Jonah Hill's fits have built up quite the fanbase.

Jonah Hill's style is undoubtedly influenced by skate culture and skate brands (and his own love for surfing!), and Palace is a favorite. As for footwear, Hill is a fan of a pair of adidas Samba sneakers, but also has some gems including the Sean Wotherspoon x Nike Air Max 97 and Prada Cloudbusts.

The thing with both Jonah Hill and Pete Davidson is that they both dress as if it is completely effortless (and sometimes, it probably is) and love to mix and match prints and patterns, creating looks that somehow just work.

We're putting two fits against one another to see who really is the king of the chaotic fit.

Pete Davidson might be the one dating Kim Kardashian, but Jonah Hill takes the cake. Basically, Jonah Hill could do Pete Davidson, but Pete Davidson couldn't do Jonah Hill.

Hill goes from shorts and a tee to a sleek suit, still keeping it casual and on-brand, but cleaning up like a true fashion icon. Pete Davidson still has a long way to go, because as of now it feels as if he wouldn't even be caught dead in a suit (except that one Thom Browne fit he pulled off at the Met Gala, that deserves a round of applause). Perhaps, Pete Davidson will follow in his footsteps, and finally have his glow-up.

They both have plenty of fun streetwear pieces in their closets, a plethora of vintage caps, and sneakers for all occasions. If there's one key takeaway from the Pete vs. Jonah battle is that fashion should be fun, and not so serious all the time.

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