sean wotherspoon

EstablishedBirth date: March 3, 1990
HQBirthplace: Richmond, Virginia
FounderYears active: 2013 - present

The designer of one of the most popular sneakers of 2018, the Nike Air Max 97/1, Sean Wotherspoon is now one of the most famous sneakerheads on the planet. His Air Max 97/1 is highly sought-after, but it wouldn’t exist without all the work Wotherspoon put in before getting a chance to design with Nike. One of the founders of Round Two, a vintage sneaker store, Wotherspoon was just 23 when he got into the business, but in just a few years, it’s taken off dramatically. Round Two now has a second location, and Wotherspoon and his business partner Chris Russow developed their own autobiographical YouTube show in 2015 to showcase and wear the rare sneakers they’ve collected. He’s one of the foremost sneaker collectors and new designers in footwear. Who is Sean Wotherspoon? Sean Wotherspoon is an American sneaker designer, collector, store owner, and YouTube series creator. Does Sean Wotherspoon have a wiki? No, Sean Wotherspoon does not currently have a wiki page. When did the Sean Wotherspoon shoes release? Only 1,000 released on Have A Nike Day in 2017, which fell on November 21. The sneaker was originally part of a design contest that Wotherspoon ended up winning. With a frayed corduroy Nike Air Max 97 upper and an Air Max 1 sole unit—inspired by ‘80s vintage Nike hats—the combination set the sneaker world on fire with its eclectic design. Sean Wotherspoon Timeline 2013 — Wotherspoon becomes one of the founders of the vintage Virginia-based sneaker store Round Two, which pays for sneakers in cash rather than consignment, allowing sellers to get paid faster and for Wotherspoon and Co. to flip the sneakers at lower price points than the competition. 2015 — Starts Round Two The Show on YouTube to cover his life in the sneaker industry. 2017 — Releases the Nike Air Max 97/1 on Have A Nike Day after winning the Vote Forward Air Max Day contest. Also opens the first Round Two store in New York City. 2018 — Opens his seventh Round Two store in Miami. Sean Wotherspoon Related Articles We Spent Air Max Day With Sean Wotherspoon & Here’s What Happened Everything You Need to Know About Sean Wotherspoon’s Nike Air Max 97/1