If you tuned in to last week’s BET Hip-Hop Awards, then you were pretty shook from Eminem‘s epic anti-Trump freestyle.

One of those to express their support for the Detroit lyricist was renowned rapper Redman, who had recently sat down with BET discussing Eminem's message.

"The delivery was great to me. It wasn't bad," Redman shared. "When Eminem do something it's not just a song, it's not just a freestyle — it's a statement. And, even the way he talks. He talks to state things. Not just to be talking sh*t."

He continued, "As I watched that BET cypher, I was like, 'Wow.' You know, Eminem could've went up there and blacked out on rhymes with flows and kilt sh*t. But, he felt as a person of his color to represent us on BET with a rhyme addressing the president. Y'all gotta understand that, alright?"

Overall, Redman says he's tired of critics and Eminem deserves nothing but respect.

"He's not Black, he's white," the rapper added. "We all know that. But, he has power. And he used this power on that BET cypher to make a statement for us as well, for all of us as a people. And, anyone..everyone should respect that man for that."

Now in case you missed it, here's what Vince Staples had to say about Eminem's freestyle.

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