Rihanna has a message for fans that continue to pester her about the whereabouts of her upcoming reggae-inspired album, which was expected to drop last year.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Rihanna remained vague about when (and if) her rumored album, R9, will drop. "Dot. Dot. Dot. To be continued," she said, admitting that she gets a kick out of teasing those who ask. "I like to antagonize my fans a little bit. Well, they antagonize me, too! So, they get it right back."

Watch the moment below.

Last week, Rihanna shared a new post on Instagram, featuring FENTY window displays in New York City. Yet rather than focusing on congratulating her various entrepreneurial efforts, fans only seemed to care about the music. Something she didn't have time for then, either, and let them know as much in the comments.

If you scroll through the above Instagram post, you can catch some of RiRi's replies to followers. Also, fan account @URihannaFansite has shared screenshots of some of her responses.

Seeing as Rihanna is currently busy running a lingerie empire and doing things like winning the coveted Urban Luxe prize at the British Fashion Awards, we should all probably give her a break on not dropping a new album on our timeframe.

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