Stephen Kenn of Stephen Kenn Studio, a Los Angeles based design outfit, has just unveiled his outdoor collection.

Comprised of ten pieces, the collection is highlighted by the Loveseat, Shade Lounge, and a sectional sofa that can be compactly stacked and stored.

Retail prices range from $1,100 to $4,500 with endless customizable options. The standard sectional — which is built combining the loveseat, chair, and two corner chairs — costs $12,700.

While you’re certainly paying premium prices, you’re also receiving premium quality pieces, as Stephen Kenn Studio outlines on its website. “We are a Los Angeles based design studio that creates original and well-made pieces for home and travel,” it states.

The Palm Springs vibe in the campaign imagery above is unmistakable and one would be forgiven for dreaming of Coachella during an afternoon nap on one of the pool chairs.

Flip through the images above and let us know your thoughts on the ultra-luxe outdoor furniture in the comments.

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