You may remember back in June we brought you news of a crazed loon vandalizing the Supreme Lafayette Street flagship store and harassing every fanboy he could lay his hands on.

Since then, the perpetrator, who calls himself “YMBAPE,” had continued to post videos embarking on tirades against the beloved streetwear magnate and all of its affiliates, including fans, store employees, and in one clip even Jonah Hill took a roasting.

Things took an even sourer turn, however, when YMBAPE's videos became increasingly more violent. You can see him involved in a pretty bad street brawl with Racks below.

Then, just a few days ago, another video emerged of YMBAPE getting jumped by a group of Supreme fans, in which he took a pretty bad punch as he attempted to fight off at least six other people.

Now (as HipHopWired notes) for reasons that are as yet unclear, the infamous Supreme hater and highly unofficial BAPE advocate has been arrested in New York City. Details are still sketchy as to why he was arrested, but video footage of him getting pinched shows him trying to escape before the cops get him pinned on the hood of a nearby car. He also appears to be wearing Supreme boxers again, a decision he explained on Instagram a few weeks ago when he said, " Ya wonder why i wear these boxers... ask @SupremeNewYork why they on my dick & why i keep Shittin on em!"

It looks like YMBape was minding his business when cops stopped him outside of the KITH store in the East Village, but this Reddit thread includes theories for his arrest that range from being wanted for spray painting "YMBAPE" or because a bunch of the kids he violated told the cops about his harassing behavior. Watch the arrest in the video at the top of the page.

He later posted this Snapchat from his jail cell.

Meanwhile, Gosha Rubchinskiy shot this Supreme Fall 2016 editorial for Popeye magazine.

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