South Korea is one of the countries currently at the forefront of the fashion industry, with a thriving consumer market and its own dope selection of homegrown brands.

So when Paris-based Vetements and announced the launch of an exclusive "Garage Sale" collection in Seoul, the immediate reaction was exactly what'd you expect: extreme hype and a hungry crowd. Titled the "Official Fake" capsule collection, the range features a remix of signature pieces from Spring 2015 to Fall 2016 tailored for the Korean market.

Featuring a selection of red and black caps, logo sweatshirts, inside-out jeans and more, the collection was everything you'd expect from Vetements' signature creative direction. Fortunately, if you weren't in Seoul for the event's launch, have no fear as we've got you covered with an exclusive look inside the "Garage Sale" and its limited pieces.

As previously mentioned, the event also drew flocks of streetwear-savvy fashionistas so if you're also interested in seeing what people wore to the event, be sure to check out this exclusive photoset.

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