If Vetements is good at anything, it’s knowing how to get people talking. The hotly contested brand is among the more controversial in the business, with everyone from Snoop Dogg to our own staff left confused by its appeal. Sure to solidify itself as a talking point is the brand’s latest offering: a set of heels that are made from lighters.

Well, not real lighters anyway. The heels of each of these shoes has been painstakingly crafted to look like a classic Bic lighter. Some, like the cream and brown leather boot, match, while others, like the knit blue knee-lengths with bright yellow heels, offer a pronounced color clash. For all its contentions, Vetements is synonymous with cool for many fashion-heads, but these may prove to be its most "lit" offering yet.

Vetements’ Bic Lighter Heels are available through online retailers like SSENSE.

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