In a recent interview with WWD, Vetements founder and Balenciaga creative director Demna Gvasalia revealed that Vetements will no longer be focusing on the loose fashion styles that it has become so well known for.

“Eastern Europe is over for me,” Demna stated, as he “personally wants to move on from there and to use other tools in my creative approach, which is more analytical, which is more based on really observing the way we dress, what we wear, why we wear it.”

The Georgian designer then went on to detail how the childhood garments he wore growing up heavily influenced his overall designs for Vetements, commenting “My whole wardrobe was like this. My jackets were always too big for me because they were supposed to last for two or three years. I think the reason why I like those kind of proportions and shapes is very linked to that.”

In speaking on his future approach, Gvasalia told WWD, "Next is more concentrated, more about product design. What we have in Zurich is a creative lab, a library of ideas and concepts and observations that will become products. It’s the same approach, but it’s less subculture, less underground nightclub scene. It’s more into a smart kind of design rather than just doing fashion. That’s the next chapter."

"It’s looking into clothes from a different perspective, also looking at clothes from the digital point of view, how clothes are manufactured in the industrial process and using those things as an inspiration for new clothes."

For more on Demna and Vetements doing away with baggy trends, follow over to WWD.

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