In light of the 12th issue of Highsnobiety Magazine, we paid a visit to one of the mag's more avant-minded featured subjects, VFILES, in New York City.

Since its inception in 2012, the social media platform, cult retailer and talent incubator has been shaking up the fashion industry with its democratic ethos, quirky aesthetics and brazenly internet-savvy approach to what it means to be a so-called "fashionista" in modern culture; and its staff is a clear reflection of this.

Check out some snaps of what VFILES' style-forward team is currently wearing, then be sure to read about the company's origins by copping our latest issue here.

Name: Danielle Greco Age: 25 Occupation: Buyer/Personality Brands: Supreme, Nike, Army Surplus Instagram: @thugsbunnny VFILE: thugsbunnny

Name: Julian Farinas Age: 26 Occupation: Retail Stylist Brands: Dior Homme, ASSK, Fear of God, Converse, Vintage Instagram: @julianfarinas VFILEjulianfarinas

Name: Rox Brown Age: 27 Occupation: Director of VIP Services Brands: Andrea Crews, Lefthand LA, VFILES Sport Plus, Vans Instagram: @rox_brown VFILE: roxbrown

Name: Todd Johnson Age: 26 Occupation: eCommerce/Stylist Brands: Palace, Uniqlo, Vans, Vintage Gucci, adidas, Supreme, Burberry, OFF-WHITE Instagram: @ohshyttodd VFILE: ohshyttodd

Name: Ruth Gruca Age: 29 Occupation: Showroom Director of VFILES Third Floor Brands: Ottolinger, Andrea Jiapei Li Instagram: @ruthgruca VFILE: ruthgruca

Name: Evan Drewry Age: 24 Occupation: Software Engineer Brands: New Balance, Under Armour, SmartWool, JNCO Instagram: @zzz419 VFILE: evan

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