To say that the effortless, sportswear-driven aesthetic of Vetements is influencing contemporary fashion trends is like saying Pope Francis is a devout Catholic. The brand’s introduction of athleticism into the elite world of haute couture has been as influential as it has been controversial, and it is already giving rise to a new generation of designers emboldened by this idea. One of these up-and-comers is Ex Infinitas, a label that Vogue itself has decreed as the Australian answer to Vetements.

Where Vetements has taken on a look that is distinctly European, Ex Infinitas draws inspiration from the Australian subculture of the "bogan," or as label designer Lukas Vincent refers to simply as “someone with really bad taste.” The brand has also referenced '70s surf culture as a cornerstone of its aesthetic, a look that is juxtaposed with the attitudes of the modern day DIY punk scene.

The end result is one that ties Melbourne subculture with the fashion elite, in much the same way that a brand like Vetements ties high-art with low culture. In short, they are a brand to keep your eye on.

Check out Ex Infinitas’ previous collections on the brand’s online store.

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